Microtransactions, Tokenwalls, and NFTs. | Liquidicast Ep. 13

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2022-03-03 10:22 by Thomas Euler

This episode of the Liquidicast features Ron, Thomas, and Jonas - 3 members of the Liquiditeam as they dive into microtransactions, tokenwalls (as opposed to paywalls), and how NFTs plays a part.

From Activision Blizzard generating 60%+ of their revenue from microtransactions to Jonas looking to monetize his elbow when he was an extra in the last Marvel movie, this pod is a great introduction to microtransactions and tokenwalls.

Hope you enjoy the first video version of the Liquidicast. Find the audio-only podcast version here:

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Things we mentioned in this episode:

61% of Activision Blizzard’s 2021 revenue was earned via microtransactions:

The Creator Economy — NFTs and Beyond:

The Creator Economy in the Faceless Web3 Age by Thomas:

More from Liquiditeam & LT Fan Platform:





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